It is imperative that the Central College graphic identity be used consistently and correctly in all applications. Please consult the college’s graphic standards guide prior to downloading the images.

The graphic identity is available for download in the formats below. If a different format is needed, contact brand and project manager Steffanie Bonnstetter at 628-5913.


2 Color EPS
1 Color EPS Red
1 Color EPS Gray
1 Color EPS Black
1 Color EPS White


2 Color JPG
1 Color JPG Red
1 Color JPG Gray
1 Color JPG Black
1 Color PNG White

Print Templates

Digital Templates

Email Signature

To add the Central College graphic identity to an email signature, follow these steps in Outlook:

  1.  Download this logo for email use. Save the file.
  2. Create a new email message in Outlook
  3. Click on “Signature” in the menu ribbon
  4. On the dropdown, click on “Signatures…”
  5. Choose to either create a new signature, or edit current signature
  6. On the top right of the text area click on the picture icon
  7. Select the logo downloaded in step 1
  8. Place the logo in the signature
  9. Select “OK” in the bottom right