The Communication Studies program provides students with a broad-based exposure to the academic discipline that focuses on human symbolic interaction. In an effort to cultivate critical thinking, clear writing, articulate speaking and proficiency with technology, our students study communication within interpersonal, group, organizational, public and mediated contexts. Through a combination of theoretical grounding and practical experience, we prepare our majors for a range of careers, enable them to participate productively in a democratic culture, and instill in them a desire for life-long learning. Course work is supplemented by practica, internships, co-curricular activities and supervised independent study.


Central College is a leader in the Midwest for energy conservation and environmental sustainability. The Communication Studies Department occupies the third floor of the Roe Center, a new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rated building constructed to maximize energy savings and water conservation. Some of the features of our “green” building include: earthen roof; sustainable building site; natural ventilating system; daylight harvesting systems; radiant floor heating/cooling system; native plantings and natural landscaping; gray water system; pervious paving systems; and low flow aerators on lavatories and dual flush toilets that reduce water consumption.