Central Dining


14: Welcome Back Students

3: Super Sub Sunday at Dinner
12: Fat Tuesday Celebration at Lunch
13: Central’s Chef Dave Verburg
14: Valentine’s Luncheon
26: Coast to Coast Theme Luncheon

5: Tropical Island Daze Luncheon
19: Breakfast for Lunch with the Trix Bunny and Spam Master
26: Spring Dinner
28: Something on a Stick Day at Lunch

2: Wacky Waffle Day at Lunch
18: Star Trek Mania
23: Service Day Picnic
25: Visiting Chef Tim Garton of SYSCO
27: Final Fling Picnic Outside of the Central Market
29: Sushi Bob Presentation @ Mongolian Grill
30: First Anual Bacon Bash

1: May Day


We proudly serve Blue Bunny Ice Cream!

We proudly serve Blue Bunny Ice Cream!