Education at Central College

Assessment of Pre-Service Teachers Dispositions

As a pre-service teacher in the Education Department at Central College, we will periodically assist you in the assessment of your dispositions using our Assessment of Pre-Service Teachers Dispositions Form.


Demonstrate professional and ethical conduct with supervisors, students, parents, colleagues, and community. Pre-service teachers who are professional demonstrate a pattern of professional behavior such as promptness, task completion, maintaining confidentiality, and honesty. They consistently honor the needs and best interests of students. Professional pre-service teachers exhibit poise and spirit in difficult situations, enduring stress and maintaining stability in the face of disruption and/or chaos.


Develop collaborative relationships that enhance the teaching and learning experience. Pre-service teachers who are collaborative consistently interact with others in ways that communicate respect such as being courteous and impartial. They show appropriate regard for the needs, ideas, and experiences of others, engaging in open dialogue and effective action to accomplish goals as part of a larger group. Collaborative pre-service teachers show genuineness and develop appropriate relationships with students, administrators, parents, fellow teachers, and others in the community. They accept personal responsibility in achieving their goals within their professional relationships with others.

Committed Learner

Demonstrate commitment to professional development
and intellectual curiosity. Pre-service teachers who are committed learners take advantage of learning opportunities to further self. They demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment, and optimism for the teaching-learning process. Committed learners generate questions and actively engage in an intellectual and participatory manner with others in the field of education.

Reflective & Adaptable

Adjust to new circumstances, limber in the face of new realities, flexible in nature and accommodate given the unforeseen. Pre-service teachers who are aware and adaptable exhibit an open-minded and positive attitude when receiving feedback from others. They exhibit keen with-it-ness and engagement in human interactions both inside and outside the classroom, being able to adapt, adjust, and modify practices to meet the needs of students. They use reflection to generate potential improvements and apply outcomes of reflection to future interactions. Pre-service teachers who are aware and adaptable act to reduce personal biases while evaluating the effectiveness of instruction and behavior in terms of the larger goals of education.


Actively demonstrates the ability to foster extensions in learning and teaching. Pre-service teachers who show initiative exhibit a willingness to pursue solutions to problems or questions by gathering relevant data. They demonstrate self-direction and confidence, consistently performing above minimum requirements, and seeking creative and expressive avenues for student, self and others. Pre-service teachers who show initiative consistently use available resources in the pursuit of academic and professional goals, while visualizing and implementing novel ideas and practices in the field of education.

Challenging Facilitator of Learning

Use and model effective communication skills, thinking skills, and creative expression. Pre-service teachers who are challenging facilitators of learning consistently model respect for all people while providing opportunities for students to hear, consider, and discuss varying viewpoints. They incorporate practices in teaching that reflect appropriate voice, tone, posture, verbal and non-verbal communication. They challenge students to think critically about content and facilitate the extension of learning experiences beyond expectations. Challenging facilitators of learning demonstrate intellectual engagement with material and colleagues while nurturing high expectations in self, students, and others.

Student Advocate

Respect diversity of thought, background, and inherent abilities in an interdependent, global society. Pre-service teachers who are student advocates interact with students in ways that consider individual differences and life experiences. The written work, material selection, activity design, and other expressions of student advocates reflects a consistent yet fluid understanding of the changing diversity in student populations. Student advocates promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of diversity in students and families both within and outside the classroom environment.