GP Educational Excellence Student Professional Development Funding

The Giesler Penquite Foundation’s Educational Excellence programming was established in 2011 to enhance educational opportunities in teacher preparation and performance. The GP committee has initiated support for professional development opportunities for students in the Education Program at Central College by providing $100 scholarship awards to Education students seeking to further their educational experiences.

Example of professional development opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Registration fees for educational conference attendance
  • Travel for expenses related to attendance at educational conferences
  • Registration/tuition fees for educational coursework outside of the typical Central College and State of Iowa requirements (i.e. AEA courses; online professional development offerings by state, national agencies, sign language courses, crisis prevention courses, etc)
  • Travel with faculty to international or culturally diverse educational experiences

Consideration Factors for Funding

It is not the intent of the committee to simply offset travel expenses for students. Rather, the committee expects sharing of ideas and strategies learned from the travel, course or experience. You should be SPECIFIC as to how this will benefit you as a pre-service teacher. Professionalism is expected and denials of funding may be made based on lack of professional submission/explanations. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All recipients will be expected to give a presentation to peers and interested parties as to how the experience, travel or course shaped their development as a pre-service teacher. This will most likely occur during the annual Education Department Senior Showcase event.

Students who wish to apply for this opportunity should submit a professional, faculty reviewed GP Student Fund application to Dr. Jennifer Diers, chair of the Geisler-Penquite committee, at least four weeks prior to the anticipated need for funding.

GP Student Fund application