Mathematics, one of the keystones of the liberal arts, combines the study of patterns and abstract structures with the art of problem-solving. The ability to reason with quantitative information and solve intricate problems is, and will continue to be, a highly-valued skill in every field.


Mathematics faculty seek to engage all students at Central College with the power, beauty, and utility of mathematics, empowering them for leadership, stewardship, and service.


We are dedicated to helping students discover and develop their abilities in mathematics and computer science. We seek to instill in our students the habits of mind at the core of our disciplines, thus producing excellent problem-solvers who are able to communicate their understanding and adapt to changing environments. We strive for all Central College students to enjoy mathematics, thereby inspiring them to life-long learning.


Our core values reflect our vision and mission. For both faculty and students, we value:

  • collegiality
  • shared responsibility and decision making
  • depth of knowledge
  • breadth of knowledge and experiences
  • communication
  • social interaction