New Student Registration & Orientation

2019 Summer Registration and Orientation is June 12, 13, 14  and July 15, 16.

Summer Registration and Orientation is a great opportunity for students to get acquainted with the campus, faculty, staff, and of course, their future classmates. It is also a time for students to register for their fall classes.  For information on registering for an orientation session, visit the admission office orientation website.

Incoming transfer students who cannot attend orientation should visit this website for registration information. The information below is primarily for first-year students.

Information for students who are unable to attend

It is highly recommended that students register for an on campus orientation session, but we do understand that some schedule conflicts are unavoidable. New first-year students who are unable to attend orientation may register at another time with the class dean, either by appointment on campus or by phone/ video chat. Before registering for classes students should:

  • complete the math placement process on Go Red. Please note that you may not register for math courses until you’ve completed the placement.
  • complete the language placement process on Go Red (for students who have taken a year or more of Spanish, French, or German in high school). Please note that you may not register for language courses until you’ve completed the placement.  The exam serves two purposes to help students decide which language course to choose as their first language course in college and possibly to meet the language proficiency requirement for the core curriculum. Students may take the exam one time per language. Students who do not take the exam prior to matriculation must have the exam proctored by a member of the Modern Languages faculty or select designate. Students who need to take the placement exam should contact the chair of the Modern Languages department to schedule a time to take the exam no less than two weeks prior to the start of registration.
  • Contact your high school and ask them to send your final high school transcript showing the date your diploma was received.  High School transcripts should be mailed to Central College Admission Office, 812 University Street, Pella, Iowa 50219.
  • If you received college credit while in high school, contact the college who awarded the credit and ask the registrar’s office at that institution to send an official transcripts to Central College Admission Office, 812 University Street, Pella, Iowa 50219.  College credit cannot be transferred from a high school transcript so an official transcript from the college is required.  A hold for subsequent registration will be placed until the final official transcript is received.
  • make sure all areas on your Go Red account are complete.


1.  When you are ready to begin the registration process, contact the class deans’ office at 641-628-5248 to arrange a time for you to work with Dr. Mark Mills, the Dean for the Class of 2022.  Plan for approximately one hour to complete this process and if you are home, you will need access to a computer and internet connection.

2.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step registration guide or the registration video.

3.  You will receive your Central username and password via U.S. Postal Mail.  The envelope will be marked “Confidential”. Go Red usernames and passwords will not work in WebAdvisor. Do not lose this!

4.  Use the searchable schedule to view the fall course offerings.

5.  After helping you create your schedule, your class dean will guide you through the online self-registration process in WebAdvisor.

6.  You may order your textbooks at For questions with orders, please visit the Customer Service  website or call the customer service number at 1-800-887-6459.