Academic Affairs

2020-21 Academic Theme: Diversity & Inclusion

The theme for 2020-21 Academic Theme was selected to be Diversity and Inclusion.

What is “an inclusive academic institution,” as Central’s Welcome Statement calls us to create? How do we sustain “an atmosphere that fosters openness, mutual respect, and diversity” for us to embrace in our midst other people, other abilities, and other beliefs and perspectives? How do we create a thriving academic culture in which critical questions are asked and answered out of mutual respect? How does diversity open new ways of thinking for all of us? In what ways do we celebrate the fact that everyone is valued, and everyone has something to contribute?

2020-21 Faculty Lecture Series

Join us for this year’s Faculty Lecture Series as we investigate our 2020-21 academic theme, Diversity and Inclusion.


Cover of Chitra Divakaruni's One Amazing Thing

2020 Common Reading

Core Committee, Academic Affairs, Student Development, and the Office of Sustainability Education are pleased to announce One Amazing Thing as the 2020 Common Reading for Central College.


2020-21 Academic Theme Announced

The theme for 2020-21 has been announced as “Diversity and Inclusion.”