Application process

Athletic training education process

Certified athletic trainers (ATC) have duties that involve expertise in the science of exercise. Additionally, ATCs possess well developed written and oral communication skills. The certified athletic trainer must be eager to excel under diverse circumstances. The ATC has evolved to become the primary health care professional for the physically active. As such, athletic trainers must be able to care for patients from varied populations, skill, and levels of competition and to perform duties in multiple environments. Therefore, the primary objective of the Central College Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) is to prepare entry-level athletic trainers for future challenges. Athletic training students (ATSs) at Central College are provided with clinical experiences that develop and enhance their skills. These experiences are an extension of the academic classroom and allow the ATS to master clinical proficiencies.

Formal application to the athletic training education program occurs during the student’s first year. Athletic training students who start their college career at Central College are given priority for admittance. Students must have completed the exercise science department prerequisite course work listed in the catalog. The applicant’s grade point average (GPA) must be at least 2.8 and they must meet technical standards. Students must complete and return the application to the director of the athletic training education program. Additionally, they must complete the required experiences in the athletic training room, and interview for a position in the athletic training education program.

To receive an application, policies and procedures handbook, copy of the technical standards, transfer policy, or to get the most current information regarding this program, contact Chris Viesselman, Interim Director of the Athletic Training Education Program (


The admission and retention requirements of the Central College Exercise Science program in the athletic training education program are rigorous and very thorough.  The requirements are necessary to provide students the skills required to enter the field of athletic training as a competent young professional.  To practice as an athletic trainer, you must be certified by the Board of Certification (BOC).  This requires that graduating students be prepared to pass a national certification exam.  The field of athletic training requires competency in many different knowledge bases.  These include biology, anatomy, kinesiology, health, management, psychology, pharmacology, physiology, nutrition and first aid.  A practical working knowledge of a wide variety of settings is also important.

Completing the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) will require completing a strong academic program.  Additionally, a large time commitment on the part of a successful student in the practical setting is required.  This is necessary to fulfill the BOC certification requirements for clinical competencies and provide you with a wide array of clinical proficiencies.  This is an intense academic program and will require successful students to practice diligent academic planning and have focused study habits.

The process for admittance to the program is initially based on admittance to Central College.  This will allow you to be in a position to apply for formal acceptance into the athletic training education program in your first year.  The process will consist of the completion of an extensive application, meeting technical standards, a personal interview and having completed a period of observation in an introductory course.  During the observation, prospective students will be required to complete a series of basic objectives designed to introduce them to the program at Central College and the profession of athletic training.  Minimum coursework prior to full admission to the program includes successful completion of EXSC 149f, EXSC 151, and BIOL 111 and 112 or BIOL 131Pq.  Additionally, the student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8, and must have completed PRCPR/AED/BBP and First Aid Certification. At the completion of the application proccess the applications will be ranked according to objective criteria. Students will be admitted to the ATEP based on the number of available positions in the program. Criteria for evaluation and application are available in the application packet.

As you progress through the program, periodic evaluations of your skills will be made. Clinical, as well as classroom content will be evaluated.  It is your responsibility to be actively involved in planning your progress through the ATEP.  You are required to take a dynamic role in this process.