1. Develop athletic training students within the Central College liberal arts framework.
a. Personnel associated with the education of athletic training students must be informed about the athletic training education program.
b. Encourage involved personnel to support and integrate the liberal arts traditions of Central College into the formal classroom and clinical experiences of the athletic training students.
c. Develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills of the athletic training student.
d. Promote the development of professional behaviors in the athletic training student.
e. Promote the development of service behaviors in the athletic training student.
2. Provide multiple experiences for athletic training students in science exercise.
a. Direct interaction with approved clinical instructors.
b. Direct interaction with athletic training program physicians.
c. Direct interaction with a variety of health care professionals
d. Direct interaction with faculty in the athletic training education program.
e. Provide opportunities for professional interactions outside the Central College campus.
3. Enhance communication between all individuals and groups associated with the athletic training education program at Central College.
a. Provide associated health care professionals the competencies and clinical proficiencies necessary to prepare a competent entry-level athletic training student.
4. Facilitate communication with all approved clinical instructors, clinical supervisors, and athletic training students to ensure quality in the traditional and clinical learning environments.
a. This will be accomplished through: Documented formal instructions, Formal evaluations, Professional interactions, Social interactions
5. Promote and aid the athletic training student in obtaining employment and admission to graduate/professional school upon graduation from Central College.
6. Enable the development of ethical behavior.
7. Facilitate BOC certification process.
8. Enable the students to fulfill their goals and potential.