How To: Access Email

Central College uses electronic mail for official communications, and it is very important that you check your Central e-mail account regularly. Your electronic mailbox can be accessed from a computer in your room or office, from campus computer labs, or from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet.

To Access your Email Inbox

Students and employees use different email systems, so the method of getting to your inbox varies. In addition to going through myCentral, you can get to your email by going to Once you visit your inbox, we recommend bookmarking it for quick access. 

For Students:

  1. Log into myCentral
  2. Look for the “Cloud Services” box on the left
  3. Click “Email” and you will be taken to your email inbox

For Employees:

  1. Log into myCentral
  2. Look for the Office 365 symbol under “Email”.
  3. Click this, and you will be taken to the web portal for employee email

For Students and Employees:

The above methods use the Internet to read your mail. Users also have access to Microsoft Outlook as part of the Office 365 package. When computers are deployed to faculty and staff, a profile is set up on Microsoft Outlook for the user. There is only one email account per person; but multiple ways of reading the email.

Email on Other Devices

Your Central email account can be synced with most mobile devices and desktop programs.  Click below to find instructions for your device/program.

Mobile Devices

Android Devices (Gmail or Outlook app) (Recommended for android users)
Android Devices (Gmail or Outlook app on another app)
Android Devices (Exchange)
iOS Devices (Gmail on iPhone, iPod, iPad)
iOS Devices (Exchange on iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Desktop Email Clients

Outlook on Windows or Mac
Mac Mail

Note: The Windows and Mac desktop client instructions should be similar to current versions of those products.

If you find that the instructions are confusing, or don’t match what you are seeing as you set up your accounts, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 641-628-7010 so we can help you and update the instructions

Other Email Topics

All Central College users have an email account connected to their username.  Currently, students’ and some employees’ email is provided through a customized version of Gmail (using Google Apps for Education).  Most employees’ email is provided through Microsoft Exchange/Outlook.  Although students and employees use different email hosting systems, they work the same way.

Your email address is simply your username, followed by (

Access to Central Gmail Account after Graduation

After graduating, students retain their email address indefinitely.  Graduates who prefer to opt out and have their account deactivated may do so here. In addition to going through myCentral, you can get to your email by going to Although students have the opportunity to keep their Central College email account, they should be aware they MUST log in annually, or the account will be de-activated. Also, users need to change their passwords annually.

Adding Central College Logo to your Email Signature

Using the attached logo, either copy and paste the logo into the email signature box, or use the insert image option. For help creating a Gmail signature, visit this page.

Right click on this link, or the picture below, and then click “Save as…” The phrasing of this option may differ depending on your browser.

this link

Edited: 6/10/2020