Cloud Storage (Google Drive & H Drive)

Accessing your Central Cloud Storage (Google Drive & H Drive)

All Central College users have access to Google Drive, and employees also have H: Drives, which is personal storage space on a Central server.  Accessing these services is relatively easy, and will allow you to utilize your cloud storage.

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What is “the Cloud”?

“The Cloud” (or just “cloud”) is a metaphorical term that refers to a network of servers where data, programs, and other files are stored.  You can access these files through services like Google Drive or the Central H Drive system that many employees use.  The Cloud is not a physical thing – it just refers to somewhere that data is stored, without being on your computer’s hard drive.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Storing data on the cloud has many advantages over keeping data on a hard drive (on your computer).  However, there are a few disadvantages that are important to be aware of.  The strongest points are:


  1. Accessibility: You can access your data from anywhere, on any smart device (computer, smartphone, etc.).  You can also easily share files, especially those with large file sizes like videos.
  2. Reliability: Because cloud data is not stored on your computer itself, you never have to worry about losing your files to computer failure
  3. Security: If you store important data on your computer, it can easily be stolen.  Data on the cloud is protected and only shared with people of your choice.
  4.  Low-Cost: Most cloud storage services provide some amount of free storage.  Central College provides users with unlimited free storage on Google Drive.


  1. Internet: Because cloud services (like Google Drive) rely on the internet, you will not be able to access your files without an internet connection.

Edited: 12/7/2018