Compromised Account

Your email account can be compromised, even if you do not have any malware on your computer. A frequent symptom is when you get bounced emails in your inbox alerting you that the email could not be delivered and the sent emails were to addresses unfamiliar to you; or your sent items folder is full of email you didn’t send.

ITS suggests that you immediately change your password.  The password change is immediate; but it is possible that you will continue to see the same behavior if email items are backed up on our server, and are waiting to be delivered. If after several hours, you are still receiving bounced email, contact the Help Desk at or call 641-628-7010.

Central College subscribes to a 3rd party vendor that provides spam filtering services (Microsoft product). This company may block your account if they see that you are sending email that resembles a spam mailing. Central College ITS department may also block your account.

Please contact us if you are unable to send email either to on-campus email addresses or off-campus addresses. ITS asks that you change your password, and run a virus scan. When these two items are complete, ITS removes the Central College block on your account; and applies to Microsoft to have their block removed.

Edited: 12/7/2018