Account & Password Management

Changing your password

If you would like to change the password associated with your account, there are a few possible ways to do so. Click here for detailed instructions

Account Basics

Each Central College user is assigned a unique network account name and password. This password expires after one year. This pass phrase allows access to many services: 

Campus computersEmailmyCentralWeb Advisor, Blackboard, and more.

Your username consists of your last name, followed by your first initial. Students will have a number after the last name and first initial; faculty and staff will not have a number, but may have a second letter. (If another student enrolls and has the same username; the last number will increment by 1 for the new user. Employees may have an additional letter to make their usernames unique if multiple employees have the same last name and first initial.

Example: A user named “Jane Doe” would have a username of “doej1”.  If another user named “John Doe” comes to Central at the same time,  he would be given a username of “doej2,” and so on. An employee named “Martha Jo Smith” would have a username of “smithm”; when “Marcus Allen Smith” arrives on campus, his username would be “smithma”.

Usernames are pre-assigned and cannot be changed unless your name is legally changed (for example, if you get married and your last name changes). If this occurs, you must bring proof of your new name to the Registrar’s office if you are a student, or to Human Resources if you are an employee.

Password Basics

Passwords are initially set at the beginning of the student’s orientation by Central College, or when an employee starts at Central College. Users can utilize our self service password reset program as frequently as necessary, but annually at a minimum. You can always change your password by going to Click here for more info. Passwords must consist of at least twelve characters, and contain at least one character from three of the following groups: lower case letters, upper case letters, special characters and numbers. You may not use a password you have used before, or one that is similar to a previously used password, and your password may not contain your name. Passwords are case sensitive. The password wy67en is not the same as the password WY67EN. If your password was soccer2010**, you cannot successfully update it to soccer2011**.

We encourage you to change your password after you get it and frequently there after (once a month is a good idea). At a minimum, passwords expire after a year. Choose a password that is both easy for you to remember and hard to crack. Random numbers and letters are difficult to crack, but hard to remember. One suggestion is to think of a favorite phrase, and use the first letters or several letters of each word.

Example: The phrase “Central College’s 2018 Dutch Football team is #1” could be “CC2018dfti#1

Note: When changing your password, it will automatically update all Central College services.  For instance, if you change your Central College Gmail password, that password will be automatically applied to every other service (Blackboard, WebAdvisor, myCentral, Lab computer login, etc.)

Reminder: After changing your password, you will have to change your saved passwords wherever it is currently used, including email and wifi on your mobile devices.

For tips on creating strong and effective passwords, read through Google’s tips.

Have you forgotten your password?

After you get your pre-generated password, it is known only to yourself. If you forget it, the password needs to be reset. A self service process is available! Navigate to: You are asked a series of questions, and asked for an alternate form of communication other than your Central College credentials. The new password must be a minimum of 12 characters, may not be one used in the past, or similar to one used in the past or contain your name. Also, it must be made up of 3 of the 4 types of character groups: lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers or special characters. If you have problems, contact the ITS Help Desk at 641-628-7010, or email

Edited: 12/7/2018