Spam Quarantine

While email is especially important to communication at Central and around the globe, it also has some downsides. One of those is spam email, which can include malware or other material that is harmful to your computer or the security of your personal information.  To help our users manage any spam they may receive, Central now uses a cloud-based email Spam Quarantine service called Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

This service passes your incoming emails through a filter that can detect known spam messages or messages that could be harmful.  However, this filter does sometimes filter non-spam messages.  If you would like to check your email quarantine to for any non-spam messages, please click on the Spam Quarantine link on myCentral in the “Quicklinks and Applications” module.

Use your Central College email address and your Central College password to log in. Once logged into the quarantine site, you can forward messages to your Inbox or delete them. Old messages in your Spam quarantine are deleted automatically after 15 days. Your spam quarantine control center will look something like this:

Spam quarantine

If you currently have any spam-quarantined messages, you will receive an email notification from “” with a subject line that starts with “Spam Notification.” Follow the directions in this email to view the quarantined messages, or release non-spam to your inbox.

Please contact the ITS Help Desk at 641-628-7010 if you need further assistance.

Edited: 12/7/2018