Connecting your computer

When you arrive at Central College, the wireless radios of your devices should pick up the Central College wireless networks:

  • airCentral: This network requires authentication; therefore it is more secure than the “” network.

Click here for detailed instructions on connecting to the airCentral wireless networks.

Note: These instructions include private network details and are therefore exclusive to Central College users.

  • Central.College.Visitor: In the 2018 Fall semester, the visitor WiFi was changed. Changes consist of:
    • Users on this network have Internet access only. Central resources are not available to users on this network.
    • Users can apply for 24 hour access, or request up to two weeks of access
    • After gaming devices are registered, gamers use this network for access
    • On Central College owned computers, a visitor set of credentials is available

Connecting your mobile devices

Mobile devices requiring WiFi services are also allowed onto Central’s network. Users log into airCentral with their Central College username and password.

  • Mobile phone / tablet

Connecting your game console, tvs, streaming devices

In the 2018 Fall semester, the ‘gaming’ network in Scholte was discontinued. Instructions to connect gaming consoles, smart TVs and other streaming devices can be found here. At this time, the remainder of the campus can connect to the ‘gaming’ network, or use the same system of registration as Scholte users are required to utilize. The plan is to convert the entire campus later this year.

For non-Scholte residents, some mobile devices including tablets, phones and gaming devices require a single password to access to the network. In these cases, users must connect to a network that will not appear on your available wireless connections.  Click here for instructions on how to connect these devices.

Note: These instructions include private network details and are therefore exclusive to Central College users.

Service Status & Alerts

The ITS department strives to keep planned outages of networks to a minimum. When we know a system will be down for maintenance or other reasons, we’ll announce this outage on the portal home page at For unplanned outages, notification is posted as soon as is possible. For either planned or unplanned outages, updates are posted in the same location on the portal home page.


Edited: 12/19/2018