How To: Connecting to the Network

Central’s network supports Windows 10, and Mac OS X. The Central College web store provides some upgrades to  Windows 10.  See below for directions on how to connect your computer to campus internet.

*Note: These instructions include private network details and are therefore exclusive to Central College users.

airCentral: Your device should pick up this secured network. It requires authentication; therefore it is more secure than the “” network.

Central.College.Visitor: For users bringing devices to campus, click here for instructions. Users utilizing instructors’ consoles or Central College owned computers require authentication with the visitor username/password.  Registered Central College users are unable to connect to this network and should use airCentral connection. When on visitor, none of Central’s resources are available to the user. For example: Blackboard, WebAdvisor, email, etc.

Windows 10

If your computer is running Windows 10, click here for detailed instructions on connecting to the network.


If you have a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, click here for detailed instructions on connecting to the network.

ChromeOS (Chrome books)

If you have a Chrome device (Chromebook, ChromeOS laptop, Chrome Tablet), Please ensure that you set AES encryption to “PEAP” and Authentication to “MSCHAPv2”.

Edited: 3/3/2020