How To: Connect Mobile & Gaming Devices

Most devices requiring Wi-Fi services are allowed onto the network at Central College. These include mobile phones, tablets, and gaming devices. Connecting these devices requires using a specialized, separate campus network.  This network information is exclusively available to Central College users.  Click here to view the network details.

Note: This information is hosted on myCentral and therefore requires you to sign in using your Central user ID.

iOS Devices

Click here for instructions on connecting iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc.

Android & Other Mobile Devices

Click here for instructions on connecting an Andriod, and other mobile devices.

Gaming Devices

All students wanting to connect these types of devices to the WiFi network must register their devices. Students should connect to the wireless network called:  airCentral, using your Central College credentials. Students register their devices by navigating to: After registration of the tv or gaming device, students connect their gaming devices to: Central.College.Visitor. 

    1. On your computer, navigate to a browser
    2. Navigate to:
    3. Type your username and password
    4. Click on the Create button
    5. For the Device Name: Type your username and the type of device
    6. Media Access Control Address (MAC): Enter the MAC or Physical number of the wireless device, do not use the wired MAC address or Bluetooth address. These numbers are found generally under preferences, options or network settings of the device. Check the device manual or search online for the location of the MAC or Physical numbers for your device. ** Be sure and use colons between each set of characters. Ex: 00:00:00:00:00:00
    7. Device Type: select the appropriate device
    8. AirGroup: Select this if you are the only one that is ‘in control’ of this device.
    9. Shared With: List Central usernames of those people you’d like to have access to your device.
    10. Choose an expiration date
    11. Terms of Use: Check to continue
    12. Click Create Device
    13. A registration receipt is displayed
    14. Connect device to: Central.College.Visitor

Casting Devices

In order to use casting device like Echo, Alexa, ChromeCast or Roku, both your phone and device must be connected to the same network,  Central.College.Visitor.

  1. Head to: to register both your device and your phone separately.
  2. Download the device app onto your phone or tablet.
  3. Plug in your casting device.
  4. Connect your phone or tablet to the Wi-Fi network that you’ll use for your casting device. (Make sure when choosing a network, you select Central.College.Visitor)
  5. On your phone or tablet, open the device app.
  6. Follow the steps to setup your casting device.

Visitor Network

Users coming to Central College and wishing to use the visitor network, will have two options. Visitors will see these options whenever they try to open an Internet site. The first option allows users a 24 hour time frame. If users need additional time, a link in the initial form takes them to a form gathering information for a sponsored connection. The visitor types the faculty or staff email and name. The faculty or staff member gets a notification this visitor wants a sponsored visitor account and must approve of the request.  The sponsored account connects the user for up to two weeks.

Here are examples of the forms to be completed for visitor access:


If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk, or call 641-628-7010

Edited: 7/8/2020