Gaming Devices

How to Connect

Gaming devices, Blu-Ray players, Rokus, plus other devices use the hidden network of “gaming” to connect. This network is not shown, and users must set up a new network with this name.  When typing the network, do not use the quotes and do use lowercase letters. The following settings should be used to connect with Central College’s wireless “gaming”  network.

Configure the “gaming” network

Type the network name with lower case letters            gaming

Choose for the Security type: WPA, WPA2 (AES), WPA PSK

Authentication:   MSCHAPv2 and/or PEAP

Password – type exactly as shown           (Central students: obtain password here)

If asked – choose to automatically obtain an IP# or DNS


Central College supports Chromecast 2nd Generation; but does not support the 1st Generation.


Students connecting Wii players to our network need an Ethernet to USB adaptor and an Ethernet cable to connect. Our wireless network does not work well with Wii players.

Edited 8/21/2018