Google Apps

What is Google Apps?


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Central College utilizes Google Apps for Education to provide students and employees with integrated communication and collaboration tools.

Google Apps provides tools for email, cloud storage, and easy collaboration.  With Google Drive, users can store up to 30GB of data including email, documents, and any other files. Users can also use Google tools for word processing, or to create spreadsheets and presentations. When working on documents, everything is saved to the cloud automatically, so there is never any worry of losing hours of work due to a computer crash.  With these Google tools, data travels with you wherever you go and is accessible in many different ways – data syncs automatically across multiple devices including PC, mobile, web browsers, and more.

All Central College users have access to these tools, and are in complete control of their data.  Any document or folder saved to the Google Drive can be shared with other users of their choosing.  Alternatively, they can turn on “unlisted” access to their documents, so people with the web URL can access it without that information showing up in search engine results.  Google Apps also has an abundance of collaboration tools, allowing multiple users to work on the same document at the same time, and see all changes as they happen.  Every user with access to a given document can also leave comments, or chat with other shared users.

NOTE: Students’ email addresses are “lifetime” accounts.  Graduating students may continue using this email account for as long as they want, but may opt out at any time.

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Accessing Your Apps

Gmail, Google Drive, and more are all accessible from myCentral.  Once signed in, you should see a box on the left side, with links like “Email” and “Documents.”  These links will take you to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Sites.

Note: In order to access these services, you must first sign into myCentral.  You cannot sign into your account from the typical Gmail login page.

Connecting Google Drive to a PC or Mobile Device

Google Drive can be downloaded to your PC.  You can then drag and drop files into the Google Drive folder and they will be synced automatically.

Google Drive can also be connected to Android and iOS devices.  The app will allow you to access and edit all of your Drive files, as well as add new data.

Download Google Drive (follow the on-screen instructions to install and set it up)

Switching Google Accounts

If you have a personal Gmail account, you can easily switch between it and your Central account.  (This also works if you have more than two Google accounts)

  1. Navigate to any Google page.  This could be Gmail, Drive, or just Google Search
  2. In the top-right corner, you should see your username along with your account picture
  3. Click this picture to show a dropdown menu
  4. If you have already signed in with your other Google account, you can select it from the list to switch to that account.
  5. If you have not signed into your other account, click “Add Account
  6. Enter your username and password to log in.  (You may do this with any other Google accounts you have)
  7. To switch accounts again, just repeat this process

Edited: 2/20/2018