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IT Services Help Desk

Located in the lower level of Central Hall / Douwstra Auditorium, the ITS Help Desk is here to provide support to students, faculty and staff members when problems arise with computers, printers, phones and cable TV.

If you are having trouble, click here to open a support ticket, so we can help you more efficiently.

Note: This service is exclusive to Central College users.  You must sign in using your network credentials prior to opening a ticket.


The Help Desk provides a number of services, some of which are listed below.  Visit the Help Desk page for a complete list of services.


How To Guides

Do you want to get your problems taken care of without submitting a Help Desk ticket?  Our How To guides can be a great help.  More info

Frequently Asked Questions

Many issues you may encounter are likely fairly common.  Check out our FAQ list to see if your problem can be easily solved.  More info

Training Resources

There are many different kinds of training resources available across the web.  Some of these resources are listed below, including those exclusive to Central College users and open to the public.  More Info



Get Software

Central College provides free Microsoft Office programs and recommends antivirus software to use for protection. We also recommend downloading a number of other free and/or low-cost programs.  More info

Cable TV

If you are having issues with your cable, please submit a ticket with the Help Desk.
If you would like to see the channel lineup, click here.

Edited: 3/5/2020