Frequently Asked Questions


This page includes brief answers and explanations to frequently asked questions. Our How-To Guides include more in-depth instructions.


Q: Should I bring a computer to campus?  What kind?

Central College recommends that all students bring a laptop computer to campus. The preference of kind is up to you.  Click here for more info

Q: Can I get an education discount on a computer/software?

Yes, many computer retailers have some sort of educational discount available, especially online.  Click here for more info

Q: How should I prepare my computer before I get to campus?

Make sure to check out our computer requirements.  Also, we encourage users to install Microsoft Office and Antivirus software before coming to campus, as well as making sure all of their computer software is up to date.

Q: Computer repair?

The ITS Help Desk does provide computer repair services.  If you need computer repairs, it is best to contact the Help Desk directly at 641-628-7010 or by going down to the ITS Help Desk. (Lower Level Douwstra #5)

Q: No power to my PC?

This document offers suggestions on how to resolve this problem.

Q: Can I checkout equipment?

Equipment such as laptops or projectors are only available to faculty and staff or for student projects. The faculty member must submit an equipment checkout form or call the ITS Help Desk (641-628-7010) to reserve the equipment for themselves or their students.


Q: How do I open my W2 / 1098 forms?

These forms are made using a common file format known as a “PDF.”  Some computers may already have a program that lets you open these documents.  If yours does not, or if you cannot open the documents, we recommend downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Hint: Make sure to uncheck the extra software that is included)

If you still have trouble opening these documents, click here for more information.

Q: I am having trouble downloading my W2 / 1098 forms as a PDF file, how do I fix this?

Google Chrome is known to download the file as an ASP.NET (.aspx) file and will not open correctly to view. To fix this, try a downloading the file from a different browser.

Q: What operating systems are supported on Central’s network?

The campus network supports Windows and Mac computers.  We no longer support Windows XP, but we provide free Windows upgrades through the Central College web store.

Q: Can students receive any free software?

Yes. Central College provides students with Microsoft Office, Windows upgrades, and more.  Click here to visit the Central College web store for Microsoft Office and other programs.

Q: Should I have antivirus protection?

Absolutely. We recommend that all users have some form of antivirus software enabled, that is set to receive daily updates.  Click here to look at Central College’s  recommended Antivirus programs.

Q: What kinds of software does Central have available on campus computers?

You can find a list of software installed on campus computers here.

Q: What is the Software Center and who has access?

The Software Center is found on nearly every Central College owned computer. Users access this by searching for Software Center, or navigating the list of apps to: Microsoft System Center, then click on Software Center. Software listed is packaged and available for download and installation without needing administrative rights to install the software.


Q: How do I connect my computer to campus printers?

Students may follow these video tutorials to connect their computers to campus printers:

Q: How much is the student print allowance?

Students are given an $18 per semester printing allowance.  This averages 500 sheets per student.  Students who exceed the print allowance will be billed monthly for the overage.  Click here for more info

Q: Where can I check my remaining print allowance and other statistics?

You can find your current printing statistics on the left side of the myCentral homepage, or by signing into the PaperCut client with your user ID.

Q: How can I release a print job from the queue?

There are numerous ways to to this.  We recommend using your mobile device if you are on the go.

Cloud Storage (Google Drive, H Drive & OneDrive)

Q: What is “the Cloud”?

The cloud is a metaphorical term for servers where data or programs are stored.  You can access these files through services like Google Drive or the Central H Drive system that many employees use.  The Cloud is not a physical thing – it just refers to somewhere that data is stored, without being on your computer’s hard drive.  Click here for more info

Q: How much storage space is on Google Drive?  

Central College users are provided with unlimited free storage on Google Drive.


Q: How do I get to my mail and calendar through the web?

You can access your email at,  and your calendar can be found at  You can also always find links to these from the myCentral homepage.

Q: How can I use my Central account with applications like Google Talk or Chrome, or with my Android/iOS/Windows Mobile device?

You must use an “application specific” password to connect applications or devices like these to your Central account. You can set one up easily:

1) Log into Google with your Central account using a web browser.
2) In the upper right, click on the drop down labeled with your Central email.
3) Click on “My Account”.
4) Click on “Sign-in & security”.
5) If 2-step verification is off you must enable it by clicking on “2-step verification” and following the instructions given. (You can disable it later if you do not wish to use 2-step verification for normal logins)
6) After 2-step verification is enabled, find and click on “2-step verification” if not already there.
7) Carefully read that page and follow its instructions to create an application specific password.
8) Enter the generated password into your application or device and make sure it is saved within the application or device.
9) After it is confirmed working you can close the password box.

Q: How do I view others’ calendars? Allow others to view my calendar? Allow others to edit my calendar? Disallow others to view event details?

Open your Google Calendar, in the leftmost column you can add other people’s calendars by entering their email into the box under “Other calendars”. You can manage the various privacy settings by clicking the Gear icon in the upper right, clicking “Settings” in the dropdown, clicking on the “Calendars” tab, and then clicking the link in the “Sharing” column of the My Calendars section.

Q: Where do I set my signature in Gmail?

Go to your Gmail inbox and click the Gear icon.  Then click settings and scroll about ¾ of the way down the page where it shows “Signature”.


Q: I can’t use my username and password to access my Central College Accounts

This document helps you unlock your account and configure your systems so you aren’t locked out again.

Campus Phones

Q: My campus phone does not ring, or there is no dial tone, or just about any other problem that might occur.

On the back of the phone, unplug the left most plug. Re-connect into the same jack. It will take a few minutes for the phone to re-boot. If no resolution to the problem, call the ITS Help Desk at 641-628-7010 or email

Q: How do you transfer calls to another’s voicemail

Ask the caller to hold. Press the transfer key or the Messages button. Press #, wait a second and dial the 4 digit extension. Hang up or press End Call.


Q: Where can I find the campus TV lineup?  What if the cable TV in my room isn’t working?

The campus cable lineup can be found here.  If you are having trouble with your Cable TV, call the Help Desk and we will relay the information. We’ll need your name, room number, phone number and the nature of the problem.

Q: Are Jabber instructions available?

Open a Google document to access instructions, click here.

Q: What if I need more help?

Check out our Training Resources and How-To Guides, or contact the ITS Help Desk directly at 641-628-7010.

Did we miss something?

Can’t find an answer to your question here?  Please contact the ITS Help Desk and we will assist you, and add the issue to this list to help other users.

Edited: 1/23/2020