Help Desk

Located in the lower level of Central Hall / Douwstra Auditorium, the ITS Help Desk is here to provide support to students, faculty and staff members when problems arise with computers, printers, phones and cable TV.

Support Tickets

If you are having trouble with your cable TV, computer, printer, cell phone, tablet or other device click here to open a support ticket with the ITS Help Desk. Submitting a ticket is the fastest way to resolve your issue, and it enables us to help you more efficiently.

Note: this service is exclusive to Central College users.  You must sign in using your network credentials prior to opening a ticket.


The Help Desk provides services related to all of the following:

Microsoft Products

To obtain Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Windows products, visit the Central College web store.

Cable TV

If you are having trouble with your cable TV, try this first. Connect your TV with your coax cable to the wall port, then scan for channels. Search the Internet for the manual for your TV to find out how to do this. All TVs are different, so this is what we would have to do! If you are not getting all the channels, we suggest you call our Cable TV provider, Apogee tech support at 855-465-6758.

Edited: 4/17/2018