Telephone Help

Faculty and staff may find that they need help setting up or operating their office phone.  Find instructions below for common tasks.

International Calling

Cisco Phone Information

IP Phone 7841 IP Phone 9951 8945
 IP Model 7841  IP Model 9951 IP Model 8945
  • Quick Reference for model 782x and 784x, click here.
  • Training video from Cisco for model 9951, click here.
  • Voicemail Setup Reference Guide, click here
  • Training video from Cisco for model 782x, click here
  • Training YouTube video for model 8945, click here
  • Self Service web sites for speed dials and forwarding, click here
    use your Central College credentials. This link works best with Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  • Self service web site for setting voice pin and change greeting, click here,
    use your Central College credentials, click the Settings link and follow the instructions below. This link works only with Internet Explorer.

To place a long distance call with the new Cisco phone system, follow these instructions:

  • Dial 9, then 1, then the area code and phone number you are calling
  • Press the Call soft key, or wait for two beeps
  • Enter your long distance access code, then press # or press the Submit soft key

Reset Pin number

  • Users are able to reset their pin numbers by logging into this site using their Central College credentials: Click here  This link works best with Internet Explorer or Chrome.
  • Click on the Settings, click on the drop down box next to Passwords
  • Choose Change Pin
  • If you get a security message during this process, it is fine to continue. Some browsers may not let you continue.


akkadian Console Operator

For console users, here are links to a quick guide, and a more intensive manual.

  • Quick reference for akkadian console users, click here
  • Manual for akkadian console users, click here

International Calling

International calling from your phone is available AFTER your phone has been configured to do so. Call the ITS Help Desk at 641-628-7010 or create a ticket by emailing your request to: ALSO, if you don’t have a long distance calling code for any long distance call, please contact the Business & Finance office to obtain this code.

To place the call:

  1. Dial 9011. 9 gives an outside line, 011 to access an international line
  2. Find the country code ( – use the Country Call Code column)
  3. Dial the country code and the phone number
  4. Wait up to 12 seconds to hear a double tone
  5. Enter your long distance calling code, then press the “#” sign (without the quotes)
  6. It may take several seconds to finish connecting

If you would like to test your phone to see if you are set up for International calling, we do have a test number. BEWARE – your department will be charged for this test call.

Test Call

  1. Use the number: 3966-94916 – which is a number in Australia that gives an automated time of day/weather announcement (61 is Australia’s call code)
  2. Here is an example of what you would dial:  901161396694916, wait 12 seconds and enter your long distance calling code and the pound sign – xxxxxx#

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk.



Last edited: 4/19/2018