Training Resources

There are many different kinds of training resources available across the web.  Some of these resources are listed below, both exclusive to Central College users and open to the public.

How To Guides

Before looking at other training resources, make sure to check IT Service’s in-depth How To Guides.

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Blackboard Learn: On Demand

Students and employees use Blackboard for a variety of tasks.  Help is provided for the service online through the Blackboard Learn videos.

Visit Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn for Students: Videos specifically geared towards helping students learn to use the Blackboard service

Blackboard  Learn for Instructors: Videos focused on helping instructors learn how to use Blackboard tools, design their courses, and assess students

Find help specific to SafeAssign: for faculty and for students.

**Faculty only: If you need additional help setting up or using Blackboard, contact the Academic Computing office located in Lower Level Douwstra #6 (641-628-7671).

Technology at Central Blog

Rather than focus on a particular service, this blog provides useful tips on a variety of technology topics, both general and specific to users in the Central College community.

Visit the blog

Google Apps Training

Better Cloud is a website that is free for anyone to visit and use.  The site provides numerous tips, tricks, and tools for using Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google Apps.

Visit Better Cloud

TurningPoint Training

Some faculty use a student response system (“classroom clickers”) called TurningPoint in their classes. The TurningPoint software is installed on all instructor computers in the classrooms on campus. The TurningPoint software is available for instructors to install on their computers. The software is available for install at the Software Center. Just search for Software Center on your computer.

Edited: 4/18/2018