The Crier

Here are some guidelines/suggestions to keep the information current and pertinent:

  1. Promote your upcoming activities
  2. Keep your message short and informative
  3. Mention the audience you are targeting

In the past, a similar newsletter to The Crier was posted called The Scoop. The Scoop was designed for faculty and staff usage. In the fall of 2017, The Scoop was discontinued.

To add an article to The Crier:

  1. Login to myCentral
  2. From the home page, select Applications > C2AP
  3. From the ‘My Applications’ page, select The Crier, then select Crier Dashboard

  4. You are now ready to add a Crier entry:
    • It is worth noting that the Crier is sent out to both students and employees.
    • Enter the article title
    • Select the Start and End Date to display the article.  It will run through the end date
    • Enter your Central Email address as the “Requestor
    • Enter the announcement. Note the formatting options available in the “Announcement” field
    • Enter your name, department, organization, or committee in the “Sponsored by” field
    • Click Add Announcement to submit the article.  You will receive confirmation that it has been submitted successfully:

The Fine Print

This e-newsletter is designated for college information only.  See the Campus Trader Policy and Campus Forum Policy documents for more information on personal advertisements and discussion-oriented postings.

The Crier will be as informative as we make it.  Take a few minutes to contribute to and read our campus announcements!

Edited: 4/19/2018