Office 365

O365The IT Services department of Central College is negotiating a contract with Microsoft for student licensing for Microsoft products. We expect to be finished with this process by August 1, 2018. It is possible all will be signed and settled prior to that date. We plan on posting an announcement of the availability date on the portal at: This site will also give you instructions on how to obtain the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will all folders (and the email messages within them) migrate to the new system automatically?  
A. Yes, they will move automatically. However, if you have any folders that are not stored on the server, they will not move.  How do you tell?  If a folder is visible in, then it will be visible in O365.

Q. Will my email be different on the new system?
A. Yes and No.  If you normally access your email through myCentral, it will look a little different but operate the same.  If you normally access your email through Outlook, it won’t look any different.

Q. What are some things I should check after my mailbox is migrated?
A. If you use Outlook, check these settings:

  1. Verify that you are receiving new messages.  You may need to exit Outlook and restart it.
  2. Make sure Cached Exchange Mode is enabled.  Go to File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings.  Choose the to highlight it, then click the Change button above it. Ensure the check box for “Use Cached Exchange Mode” is selected. Restart Outlook.
  3.  If you use Rules, make sure they are still set correctly.  If you don’t use Rules, check to make sure that you don’t have any inadvertently set up.
  4. If you have access to any shared mailboxes, verify that they show up.

Q. Do I need to change anything on my smartphone or tablet?
A. Power off your device. If you are not able to send/receive messages through your Central email account on your phone after starting it back up, do this:

  1. Make sure you have a strong network connection.
  2. Delete your existing Central email account from your phone (you will not lose any messages).
  3. Add a new email account.  The account type you choose depends upon your phone — look for either Office 365, Exchange, Corporate, or Microsoft Exchange Activesync as the account type.

Q. How do I get to my O365 mailbox through the web?
A.  Log in using your Central College username and password.  To get to your calendar, click on the waffle icon (9 little squares at top left) and choose the Calendar tile.  To open the Calendar in a new tab, right click on the calendar tile and select Open in new tab.  Alternatively, click the 3 dots within the Calendar tile and choose Open in new tab.

Q. When I log in to my email at, I don’t see all my folders.
A. Click on the “More” link in the lefthand column to show all your folders.

Q. I have archive folders in Outlook. Will they still be there after my mailbox is moved?
A. If the archive folders do not appear after your mailbox is migrated, the .pst will need to be reattached. To do that, go to File –> Open Outlook data file, then browse to each .pst and Open.  The ITS staff member who will assist your office the morning after your mailboxes are migrated can help you do this if you’re uncertain.

Q. I use Google Apps and Drive. Will those go away?
A. No.  You will still have access to Google Apps and Drive through your Central College account, just like before.  You will also have access to other Office 365 resources besides email and calendar.

Q. I don’t use Outlook, and my mail program doesn’t have an account type called Exchange or Corporate. What do I do?
A. You probably need to use POP or IMAP instead to connect to your mailbox.  Log in here to find out what those settings are.

Q. What is Clutter?
A. It is similar to Junk or Spam.  O365 keeps track of the emails you read and the emails you don’t read. As it learns your habits, when new email comes in it takes messages you’re most likely to ignore and automatically puts them into the “Clutter” folder.  Since it takes a several days for it to determine your pattern, it will take a few weeks after your mailbox is migrated for messages to appear in your Clutter folder. As your reading habits change, Clutter learns and adapts. Learn more about Clutter here, including how to turn it off if you prefer to sort your messages yourself.

Q. Where can I learn more?
A. Check out this Tame Your Email and Calendar information from Microsoft.

Q. How do I add my photo to my O365 account?
A. Log in to Click on the image at top right, then on Change.

Q. Is there a way to tell if Microsoft is having an outage or problem with Office 365?
A. This website shows the status of all the Office 365 services.

Edited: 6/13/2018