Labs & Equipment

Although nearly 98% of students bring their own computer to campus, Central College still provides plenty of technology. With 24/7 computer labs, numerous professional-level software products, and 200+ student computer stations spread across more than 25 campus locations, Central strives to provide members of the campus community with the resources they need to succeed.

Computer Labs & Workstations

Along with a 24-hour computer station in each of the six main residence halls, Central College also has more than 20 other computer labs and workstations spread across campus.  There are three main types of computer locations at Central College, including large main labs, 24-hour residence hall labs, and small workstations.  More info

Main Computer Labs

Residence Hall labs

Computer Workstations



Students have several print options. Each lab has a printer or students may bring their own printer.  More info

Smart Classrooms

The Central College campus features numerous “smart classrooms,” as well as 13 rooms enabled with class recording technology, providing professors and students with opportunities to enhance the classroom experience.  More info

Hardware & Equipment Checkout

Computer hardware and other technology equipment is available for checkout from the IT Services Help Desk.  To check out equipment, please call 641-628-7010 or visit the Help Desk in Lower Level Douwstra #4B. More info

Room Reservation

Faculty and staff may reserve any of the main computer labs for college use.  Students may also reserve these rooms, but only for college use, and with prior approval.  Click here to visit the Resource Scheduler on myCentral and reserve a lab.  The Resource Scheduler can also be found on the right side of myCentral.

Edited: 3/3/2020