Central College has recently upgraded the Ricoh Multi-Function Printers (MFP) to Sharp MFPs (January 2018).  These devices can be used to print, copy, fax, and scan to e-mail. During the same time frame, we also replaced all the HP printers with Lexmark printers. This may mean that you’ll need to re-configure your personally owned devices. Click here to see troubleshooting tips if you are unable to print.

Print Options

Students have several print options. Each computer lab has a printer or students may bring their own printer to campus.

Some simple printing methods include:

  1. Students can save a document to their Google Drive or send it to themselves through Email, then visit a computer lab and print the document.
  2. Students can use Follow Me printers to queue printing jobs and then release them at any Follow Me printer when they are ready.
  3. Students can also print directly to a printer. See instructions below.

Basic Copier/MFP/Printer Instructions

View basic instructions on the Sharp Multi-function Printers available on campus. More instructions to be posted soon on printing from an USB drive, or Google drive. These instructions include how to copy, use Follow Me printing and scan to email.

Print Allowance

Students are given an $18/semester print allowance.  This averages 500 sheets per student. Use the Printing Impact webpart found on the myCentral home page or click here and sign in to display your current print statistics.  Students who exceed the print allowance will be billed monthly for the overage. Charges for printing include the cost of using the printer and the cost for the type of paper selected.

Multi-Function Printers & Network Printers – letter sizes
Cost per Page
   Cost per page – grayscale
   Cost per page – grayscale – duplex
   Cost per page – color
   Cost per page – color – duplex $0.06425
   Scanning No Charge

*Rates as of November 2018

Installing a printer on a non-College owned Windows Computer

We now have a video tutorial available here!

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter “R” -OR- open Windows Explorer
  2. Type without the quotes: “\\” and press enter
  3. Enter centralcollege\username or and password if prompted to log in
  4. Select the printer
  5. Double click on the printer you want to use
  6. The printer is added to the list of printers your computer has access

For Students or non-College Computers:  Be sure to add the four ‘FollowMe’ printers available on campus.  This will allow you to print to a queue and then release a print job at a later time.  If you are a work study student that prints for your department, be sure to install PaperCut software. Repeat the steps above for the queues you want to obtain access.

(Optional) To add the PaperCut Client (Windows)

  1. Go to Windows Explorer and enter “\\\PCClient”
  2. Open the Win folder
  3. Click ‘Client-local-install’ for Windows

Installing a Printer on a Mac

We now have a video tutorial available here!

  1. Select System Preferences…from the Apple Menu
  2. Double-click on Printers & Scanners
  3. Click the (+) key
  4. Select the printer, click Add

TIP: Remember to print black and white on duplex whenever possible for the most economical option.

For Students or non-College Computers:  Be sure to add the four ‘FollowMe’ printers available on campus.  This will allow you to print to a queue and then release a print job at a later time.

If you are a work study student that prints for your department, be sure to install PaperCut software.

To add the PaperCut Client (Mac)

  1. From Finder, select Go | Connect to Server and enter “smb://”
  2. Click Connect
  3. Enter your Central username and password if prompted and make sure you check “Registered User”
    Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.17.32 PM
  4. Double click “client-local-install”
  5. Select Yes to install pcclient into the Applications folder – it may take a few minutes for this to complete
  6. Once installed, go to the Applications folder and double click pcclient
  7. Enter your Central username and password to login to the client
  8. Your PaperCut “Balance” application will appear
  9. You can now Eject the pcclient volume from your desktop by dragging it to the Trash (an eject icon should appear) 

Printing to a “Follow Me” Printer

The Follow Me print option allows you to send any print job to a Follow Me print queue and then release the print job later.  This feature is ideal for printing confidential information, printing to special paper, or simply delaying a print job.

Sending to a “Follow Me” Print Queue

  1. Select File | Print
  2. Choose one of the “FollowMe…”  in the printer list
  3. Change any appropriate settings, such as paper size, orientation, stapling, etc.
  4. Click Print
  5. The print job is now in your print queue for later access.

Releasing a Follow Me Print Job to any MFP
Using the Sharp MFPs, you can release a print job at the MFP console.

  1. Send a document to print on the Follow Me queue
  2. Walk up to a Follow Me MFP
  3. Tap your ID card on the card reader
  4. Press “Release Print”
  5. Select the jobs to print, or select “Print all”
  6.  Press Logout when finished

Releasing a Follow Me Print Job From a Computer
To setup Follow Me printing on a Mac, follow these instructions

  1. Open the PaperCut program (if you installed it) or visit myCentral in your web browser
    • If you installed the program, skip to step 3
  2. From myCentral, select Release print jobs / View details located in the bottom left corner of the home page OR visit this page
  3. Enter your Central username and password
  4. Select Jobs Pending Release located on the left navigation panel
  5. Click Print next to the file you want to print, or click Release All to print all items on your queue
  6. Select your printer to finish the print job

Printing from an iOS Device

  1. Open the Safari app (Does not work in other iOS browsers)
  2. Visit
  3. Click Install
    • If you receive a warning about an Unsigned Profile, click Install Now
    • When Profile is installed, touch Done
  4. The PaperCut app will now appear on your Home screen (it is labeled “Printing“)
  5. Open the app you want to print from
  6. Tap the “Share” icon 
  7. Select Print
  8. Select a Printer from the list
    **TURN OFF Double-sided printing**
  9. Press Print
  10. Open the PaperCut “Printing” app you installed
  11. When prompted to enter your username and password, use ONLY your username (don’t attach to it).
  12. Once you are logged in, you can release the print job

Web Print

  1. Go to myCentral and click on Release print jobs at very bottom of page
  2. Enter your central college credentials
  3. Select Web Print in left hand column
  4. Press Submit a Job>>
  5. Select how you want the file to print.
  6. Cick on Print Options and Account Selection
  7. Enter number of copies
  8. Click on Upload Documents
  9. Drag documents to window or click Upload from computer to locate the file
  10. Select Upload and Complete, then go to any printer on campus and release the job from the printer OR click on Jobs Pending Release, click print and select a printer 

Printing for Multiple Departments

If you print for multiple departments or you are a work study student that prints for your managing department, you will need to add a tool to select who to charge for the print job.

To add the PaperCut Client

  1. In Windows, click the Start button, or in Mac OSX click Go from the  Finder menubar, and enter “\\\PCClient
  2. Open the Mac or Win folder
  3. Click ‘Client-local-install‘ for Windows or ”PC-client-mac.command‘ for Macs

Selecting a Department while Printing

  1. Select File | Print on your computer
  2. Change your print settings as needed
  3. Click Print
  4. This dialog box will appear:
    Print Job Notification - PaperCut.png
  5. “Charge to my personal account” will charge to your default department or student account
  6. Click on the drop-down for “Charge to shared account” to select another department

Edited: 1/18/2018