Smart Classrooms

Every regular classroom on Central’s campus is enabled with “smart classroom” technology, giving professors and students tools to enhance the classroom experience.  In addition to this technology, 13 classrooms have recording capabilities.


All of Central’s regular classrooms include numerous technological tools.  These include overhead projectors, retracting presentation screens, document cameras (doc cams), and touch-sensitive control panels to control all equipment in the room.

Classrooms in the Roe Center also feature automatic climate control, computer-controlled window shades, and more.

Operating Instructions


Panopto Recording Software

Panopto is a video platform that includes software for recording and live streaming video, managing and storing videos, and interactive video players.

To access the Panopto control panel, visit the Blackboard page for any applicable course.  Panopto can be found under the “Tools” menu.

13 of our classrooms feature recording capabilities.  These classrooms are found in the Roe Center and the Exercise Science Building, and enable professors to record lectures, student presentations, and more.  Students can then access their class recordings online to study, catch up on class notes, or view recorded student presentations.  These cameras are easy to operate and unobtrusive, so as to not distract students and faculty from class material.

Instructors can manage their recordings by clicking here or going to  Sign in using myCentral/Blackboard.

You do not have to be in one of these classrooms to make a Panopto recording.  The recorder can be installed on any computer and can capture the contents of that computer’s screen, video from its webcam, and/or audio from its microphone.  Click here to download the recorder software.  (Note: Before you can download the recorder or make a recording, you need to have a folder set up in Panopto in which to  place those recordings. To get a folder set up, either provision a Blackboard course or ask the Help Desk to set up a test folder for you. To provision a Blackboard course, go to the Tools Menu and choose Panopto Focus Content, then click Configure.)



  • Lecture and classroom recording
  • Live streaming
  • Install on your own computer and make recordings outside of the classroom
  • Mobile app is available
  • Blackboard control panel
  • Advance scheduling of recordings


If you need help with the Panopto program, please visit the Panopto Support website.  If you need extra assistance, or have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 641-621-7010.

Reporting Smart Classroom Problems

If you experience a problem with the projector, computer, or other classroom equipment, contact the Help Desk by phone at 641-628-7010 if the problem is urgent. If it is not urgent, submit a support ticket from this site’s homepage, providing as much information as possible.

Edited: 10/4/2018