Linda Weintraub visiting Central College

April 7, 2015

Our theme and exhibiting artists in the Mills Gallery this Spring were suggested to us by Linda Weintraub, author of several books on contemporary art including TO LIFE! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet.

Linda Weintraub will be visiting the Central College campus this week to give a lecture titled Art-is-an Environmental Health Clinic: Art and Eco-Materialism on Thursday evening at 5:30 in the Cox-Snow Recital Hall. Friday evening at 5:30 she will run a workshop titled “The World as a Peanut” the description follows:

Workshop Description: A single peanut becomes a metaphor for the bewildering complexity of human interactions with the material universe. Each participant is given a single peanut and then guided through a series of explorations in which six categories of humanity’s material interactions are identified and activated:

–      Resource

–      Aesthetic stimulus

–      Commodity

–      Tool

–      Pet

–      Object of worship

It is hoped that this survey of material interactions will raise awareness of the behavioral patterns that either result in the mistreatment and exploitation of the environment, or its preservation and enhancement. While the exercises are playful, they help establish behaviors that assure the long-term vitality of Earth systems. 

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