Grant William Thye – Kiddin’ Around: Works in Progress

October 2, 2023

The exhibition, “Kiddin’ Around: Works in Progress” features paintings and collages of Grant William Thye, Class of 1993, in the Mills Gallery from September 25 – October 27.   The inspiration for this show came from his children as the artist explores the journey between creating new artwork and having young children in his studio.  Some of the works were influenced by his kids and some came out of a direct order from his kids.  And others are just a reminder to have fun while doing what he loves.

Thye is a Chicago-based artist, originally from Grundy Center, Iowa. He completed post-graduate studies at Illinois Wesleyan University and Illinois State University. Before settling in Chicago as an artist, Thye worked for Pella Corporation, living in Ohio, North Carolina, and California. Outside of his Chicago studio, Thye can be found helping on the family farm near Grundy Center.

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