Guidelines for Forms Required by the Registrar’s Office

Student Withdrawing From Class for the Current Semester

The Registration Change form needs to be filled out and signed (physically or electronically), uploaded as a PDF and sent to from the student’s Central email address.

Student Needing a Registration Change for the Upcoming Semester

Student needs to fill out and sign (physically or electronically) the Registration Change form, upload it as a PDF and send it to the instructor for permission. This request must be made using the student’s Central email address. 

Instructor can forward the form to the Registrar’s Office ( with written approval or denial and cc the student. The registrar will use the email as permission from the instructor. Faculty must use Central email for all correspondence.

Major Declaration

Students can complete the Major Declaration form and send it as a PDF via email to the department chair for approval. Students must send the form using their Central College email address.

Department Chair can forward the Major Declaration form to Registrar’s office ( with approval, either by signing the form or with email approval. Please cc the student on the email. Department Chair must use Central email for all correspondence.

Internship Registration

Students must work with Jessica Klyn de Novelo ( in Career Development and Civic Engagement to obtain proper signatures and approval. Final internship registration form with signatures or email approvals must be sent to Registrar’s Office (registrar@central.eduusing Central email address.

Summer Classes

If taking a class over the summer and transferring it back, students will need to complete a Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form. Students need to fill out the form and send it to their advisor for approval. View a list of commonly transferred courses from Iowa Community Colleges. This can be a loose guideline for out-of-state colleges also. The pre-approval form must be approved before taking a summer class.

Advisors can forward form to Registrar’s Office ( with written approval and copy the student. Registrar can use the e-mail as advisor signature. Advisors must use Central email for correspondence.

All Other Forms

All other forms (major/minor substitution, independent study, etc.) may be completed and sent via email using the same method as above:

  1. Student fills out form as completely as possible and sends as PDF to appropriate faculty/offices for signature.
  2. Once all signatures have been collected, or email approval is given, paperwork must be sent to Registrar’s Office ( for processing.