Grant Access to Student Records

Parents and guardians of students enrolled at Central College do not have any rights to student information that is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Students may grant permission to parents/guests to view academic and/or financial information in WebAdvisor.  Once permission is granted it also permits Central College to discuss a student’s non-directory information with these individuals.

Students have control over access permissions and at any time may change permissions, including revocation of access to their information completely.

It is a good idea for parents and students to agree in advance on what information will be shared, but ultimately, the student determines if they want to share academic and/or financial information.   All information is view only and includes the following:

Academic Information Financial Information
Grades and GPA Tuition Statement
Transcript Make a Payment
Class Schedule Financial Aid Award
Program Evaluation (degree progress) 1098T Tax Form

Note:  Designated individuals will not be able to request an official transcript, register for classes, make schedule changes, or view in-progress information for daily homework, quizzes or exams. 

To grant or change access students login to “My Parent’s Access” in WebAdvisor (  Once a student has granted a parent/guest access, the parent/guest will receive a confirmation email which contains instructions for accessing the information they have been granted permission to view. Contact with questions.

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