Statement of Philosophy

The theatre major offers a broad preparation in theatre arts. Students complete required courses in acting, directing, design, stagecraft and theatre history/literature, any of which can become the starting place for further exploration and study. Students also have the opportunity to earn practicum credit through acting or design/technology and pursue independent study projects in any of the areas of study. Opportunities are available for student creative production work. Students are also encouraged to seek off-campus internships in their area of interest, and to study abroad at least one semester.

Theatre Major Requirements (40 s.h.)

1. Complete all of the following:

2. Complete one of the following:

3. Complete one of the following:

4. Complete at least 2 s.h. of the following:

5. Complete at least 17 s.h. of THEA elective courses

6. Complete all requirements for the communications skills endorsement

Note: Students majoring in theatre will be expected to participate in co-curricular theatre programs.

Communication Skills Endorsement

Oral and written skills are evaluated at the time students declare their intent to major through discussion with an adviser in the department. Progress is reviewed at the end of each year by departmental faculty. Students are also encouraged to take supplemental courses in other departments which enhance their skills and major.

Typical Sequence of Major Courses

Freshman year

Sophomore year

Junior year

Senior year