Kruidenier Center

Main Stage

The main theater space can be configured for proscenium, thrust, and full round.  The flexible seating allows for 166 to 250+ seats depending on the arrangement of the stage.  The theater is equipped with a 38 line set counter-weight fly system.  The lighting system includes 192 dimmers, ETC’s EOS software lighting control, and several catwalks.  The sound and video system is controlled by QLab with up to 8 independent speaker outputs and over 4 video projectors.  Communication is Clear-Com 2 channel integrated hard line system.

The Mr. B. Studio

The Mr. B Studio is a black box theater seating 50-100.  The space includes a 24 dimmer lighting system with a 17’6” grid, sound system with four independent outputs, Clear-Com system, and a mirror wall.  The Mr. B Studio is utilized as a performance space, classroom for directing and acting, and a rehearsal space.

The flexibility permits a wide variety of staging opportunities, and creates a wonderful teaching space preparing both actors and technicians for the many ways they may encounter theatre in their future careers.


The classroom/ design lab is media savvy with a full video and audio system. Design lab portion includes drafting tables for design courses.

Support Facilities Include:

Pella Opera House

In recent years, a production has been produced at the Pella Opera House annually.  This gives the students an opportunity to perform in a more traditional and historic proscenium space and interact with the Pella community.