Work Study


Ron Rybkowski, ext. 7629

(1) POSITION: Costume Shop Assistant

Qualifications: Ability to sew or willingness to learn; organizational skills; general theatre background


Duties: Sewing or altering costumes; maintaining the shop, costume storage, and equipment.

(2) POSITION: Theatre Scene Shop Assistant

Qualifications: Construction experience or willingness to learn; use of power tools; general theatre

background helpful.

Duties: Work backstage on theatre productions; build and paint sets and props; hang and focus lights;

maintain theatre shop and equipment.

(3) POSITION: Props Storage Manager

Qualifications: Good with organizational skills; basic computer skills.

Duties: Maintain and manage props storage.

(4) POSITION: Front of House Manager

Qualifications: Public relations and organizational skills; experience with handling money; basic computer skills.

Duties: Manage and run ticket booth; distribute posters; prepare lobby for productions; create production programs.

 (5) POSITION: Public Relations Manager

 Qualifications: Public relations and organizational skills; basic computer skills; knowledge of social media platforms.

Duties: Manage all social medias; create posts and videos; schedule post releases and interviews; maintain lobby marquee.

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