Work Study Program for Summer 2021

Are you an Upward Bound Student at HOOVER or ROOSEVELT and Interested in Work Study for Summer 2021





Step #1 Check the email you provided in your application. You will be provided a link to:

  1. Instructions on how to complete the Myers Briggs STRONG Assessment. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS NOW
  2. A link to complete the assessment

Step# 2 Compile assessment results in a Google Form CLICK HERE FOR FORM 



Step # 1 Video for the week (Watch this First):

Step # 2 Work Study Interview Tips: CLICK HERE FOR TIPS 

Step #3Thank you note suggestions: CLICK HERE FOR NOTES 

Week 2: Interview Reflection Form to be completed after every interview



Step # 1 Video for the week (Watch this First):

Step # 2 Complete Final Project based on rubric to make sure of completion. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Step# 3 Check your e-mail for feedback on final presentation.

Step# 4 Stipends will be added to stipend card in August


What is Work Study? 

Upward Bound Work Study is a program where youth participating in the project are exposed to careers requiring a postsecondary degree

Expectations for Work Study

Commit to participate for all 3 weeks

Each week will consist of roughly 4-6 hours of work

Students earn $100/week if they complete the requirements

If you don’t complete the requirements one week you can no longer
participate in the program and will not earn the $100 for that week or future

If you participate, you will not earn the $60 monthly summer UB stipend, this will be in place of that money

Resources and links to help with understanding the process

Slide Show explaining the process and what it entails is here:  TBD

Time Comitments Outline

Students must review the outline and complete the application before they will have the opportunity to participate in the Work Study Program. Due May 22nd. 

Upward Bound Summer 2021 Work Study Program Outline


Students must review the outline and complete the application before they will have the opportunity to participate in the Work-Study Program. 

Click HERE to access the Work-Study Application. 

Applications must be completed by midnight Saturday, May 22, 2021


Week Requirements Documents UB Will Provide Time Commitment


Week 1: 

June 7 – 12

  • Complete the Myers Briggs STRONG Assessment
  • Compile assessment results in a Google Form
  1. STRONG Assessment
  2. Assessment results reflection in a Google Form 
STRONG Assessment = 1 Hour

Reflection = 1 – 2 Hours

Total = 2 – 3 Hours

Week 2:

June 13 – 19

  • Interview 1 to 2 professionals in the field that aligns with the student’s inventory results. 
  • SPECIAL NOTE: interview matches are based on who is in our database. For this reason please note that career matches may not be exact, but will be related to your field
  • After each interview, students must complete a Google Form reflection 
  • Students are required to send thank you emails to interviewee and cc Tisha &/or Shelby
  1. Interview tips and expectations for the student interviewer 
  2. Sample interview questions
  3. Interview Reflection in a Google Form
  4. Access to Interviewees
Watch Zoom Video = 15 minutes

Interview Prep & Research = 2 – 3 Hours

Interviews: 30 – 45 Minutes EACH = 1 – 1.5 Hours

Interview Reflections = 1 Hour EACH = 2 Hours

Thank you email craft and submission =  30 minutes

Total: 5 – 6 Hours

Week 3: 

June 20 – 26

  • Final Project, featuring what the student learned from the assessment, the interviews, and the entire work study process
  1. Presentation Rubric
  2. Document or zoom that outlines what makes a successful presentation
Presentation Preparation and Submission = 4 Hours

Total = 4 Hours