Government is the process through which people pursue collective goals and allocate scarce resources. Governmental decisions affect life and death, wealth and poverty, crime and punishment, individual freedom, opportunity and happiness.

Students in the Political Science program learn about government and how individuals and groups interact with government in the United States, other countries, and international organizations. Student learning about government focuses on theory and experience. Political Science students learn how to do original research and citizenship projects that apply their theoretical knowledge to questions and concerns of personal interest.

Many of our students study abroad to learn firsthand about foreign and international politics, or intern on one of Central’s programs in Washington, DC, Des Moines, or Chicago to learn about federal, state and local government in the U.S.

Our majors prepare for a variety of career opportunities in government and non-governmental organizations. The major is excellent preparation for graduate school and law school, and, when combined with study in other disciplines, careers in business and media. Our students also learn how to participate effectively in civic and community life.