Student Senate

Budget Requests

Want to request financial support from Student Senate?

Start by reviewing the Budget Request Guidelines.

After reading the guidelines, you’re ready to fill out the Budget Request Form.


What happens after you submit a budget request?

After submitting your budget request, it is sent onto the Budget and Finance committee. This committee is made up of senators who have the drive to help provide resources to student organizations. They will vote on whether your budget request meets the guidelines and is reasonable enough to go to Senate. The leadership of the student organization will then be asked to present the budget request details. The Senate will vote to decide whether your budget request passes.

Be sure to double-check all guidelines and details.

How is Student Senate able to support student organizations financially?

The student senate is allocated a sum of money for the school year. It is up to the senators to make wise decisions on what to spend the money on that will enhance the student experience. Funding activities that many students across campus can enjoy is important and a focus of the Senate. The Senate exercises due diligence by asking as many questions as necessary to fully understand the request.