Student Senate

Organization Requests

Want to start a student organization?

Start here: Organization Request Form

What happens after you submit an organization request?

The request is sent to the Student Organizations Committee where the club needs to be presented and explained by the leadership of the requesting organization. This committee is made up of senators who have a passion for helping the creation of new organizations. From there, the committee will decide if the organization is ready to be presented to the Senate for discussion. The leadership of the organization will present to the whole senate at the next scheduled meeting. Voting during that meeting will decide if the requesting organization becomes an official student organization, recognized by the Senate.

Why make it official?

If your organization passes through the Senate you will have access to resources for your club. Financially, you have the opportunity to request money from Student Senate. Marketing assistance, the tools, and materials will be made available in the student involvement office for all recognized organizations. Student Senate approved organizations find it easier to thrive and grow.