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What to Bring to Center:

  • A Plan: specific (and realistic) goals for what you want to accomplish in your session.
  • Questions about what you’ve written and ideas for your writing.
  • A copy of the assignment, the syllabus, a rubric, or directions that communicate the instructor’s expectations.
  • Pencils and/or pens as well as something to write on.

Suggestions for a Successful Session

  • Make sure you leave enough time between your appointment and the due date to fully incorporate your peers’ suggestions and to schedule follow-up appointments.
  • Avoid plagiarism; familiarize yourself with the resources at the Center on plagiarism.
  • Don’t be a passive learner; participate, ask questions, and discuss your writing with your peers.
  • The student is ultimately responsible for all work put into an assignment and earns the appropriate grade for that work.




The Purdue Online Writing Lab features information and templates on citation, grammar, how to construct an argument, and more!

The University of Delaware Writing Center has handouts on all kinds of common issues student writers face.

The University of Richmond Writing Center offers great advice in a variety of writing topics and has especially useful material on writing for specific disciplines.