EAM Club

The Accounting Club, Business Club, Investments Club and Economics Club are all available to join within the EAM department. The purpose of the clubs is to provide professional growth opportunities for students interested in these professional areas.

The clubs’ goals are to help students prepare for their future. We encourage students to develop skills that will enhance their resume and stand out among other college graduates. We also want students to have a chance to learn about the types of careers available, how to prepare for these careers, and how to be successful once hired. The clubs promote social opportunities to network with others within the same majors.

In the last two years, the clubs have merged under one “umbrella club” to share resources, speakers, and students.While these clubs have separate officers, they have a combined email distribution list (eamclub@central.edu). This allows for all members to receive emails regarding events put on by every club.

Some events that have been done in previous years include:

  • Annual “First Meeting” Picnic
  • Excel workshops
  • Resume workshops
  • Des Moines Buccaneers hockey game
  • Networking event in Des Moines
  • Weekend trip to various cities (Chicago, Kansas City)
  • Iowa Cubs baseball game
  • Poffertjes stand at Tulip Time
  • Various speakers, covering personal finances, how to do an interview, specific career paths, etc.