Entrepreneurship Minor

At its core, entrepreneurship is about identifying a problem that needs solved and finding a solution for it. Most commonly, this is viewed from a new business startup perspective but our program doesn’t stop there. The problem to be solved could be one that tears at the societal fabric and requires a social entrepreneurial solution. It could be a problem that resides in a corporate setting, requiring an intra-preneurial perspective. It can happen in small companies, large organizations, for profit and non-profit. The setting is irrelevant. What’s important is that the solution to any problem calls for specific skills, which we have defined as our program outcomes:

  • The ability to recognize opportunities.
  • The ability to capitalize on these opportunities by generating new ideas and marshaling resources.
  • The ability to create and operate a new venture.
  • The ability to think in a creative and critical manner.

When our students possess these abilities, they will be invaluable contributors to their families, organizations, communities and society as a whole.

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