International Management

International Management Statement of Philosophy:The purpose of the international management major at Central College is to acquaint students with the cultural, economic, legal, financial and sociological aspects of engaging in international business. The program focuses on the integration of knowledge from business management, economics and foreign languages as well as other areas in the liberal arts. Majors are required to study abroad in one of our foreign language programs (Granada, Paris, Vienna) for at least one semester; an internship may be included in their international experience. The overseas study strengthens Central students’ understanding of the international environment and the complexities involved in international transactions. Central’s overall goal is aimed at creating an environment that fosters personal growth and intellectual maturity so that Central’s students can prepare themselves for advanced studies and career opportunities.

Typical sequence of MAJOR courses for the international management major:

(51 study hour minimum)

Freshman Year:

  • ECON112 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON113 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • One from:
    • COSC106 Introduction to Web Programming
    • COSC110 Introduction to Computer Science
  • 200/300-level foreign language courses

Sophomore Year:

  • ACCT241 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ACCT242 Introduction to Management Accounting
  • BMGT251 Principles of Management
  • ECON329 Economic Development or approved substitute
  • MATH105 Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH281 Research Methods in Economics
  • Two courses from:
    • POLS241 International Political Economy
    • POLS242 Global Environmental Politics
    • POLS244 International Law and Organizations

Junior and/or Senior Years:

  • Foreign language study abroad-minimum of one semester
  • ECON322 International Economics
  • BMGT361 Corporate Finance
  • BMGT371 Principles of Marketing
  • BMGT453 Global Strategic Management

All students will complete one of the following tracks:

  • Business Administration Emphasis
    • NASC210 Introduction to GIS
    • BMGT351 Organizational Behavior
    • ECON327 International Finance or approved substitute
  • Language/Cross-Cultural Emphasis
    • Achieve proficiency in a foreign language at the 322-level or higher

All students are encouraged (but not required) to take the following:

  • ECON324 Monetary Theory and the Financial System
  • ECON327 International Finance
  • BMGT374 International Marketing

This major may not be declared in conjunction with business management or management information systems majors.

All international management majors must complete the department’s communication skills endorsement. Click here for information on the department’s CSE.