Fleet Vehicles

Central College Fleet Transportation Policy

Purpose: To provide information related to the acquisition, use, and cost of Central’s motor pool vehicles.

In General:

Vehicles, including passenger cars, mini vans and mini buses, are available for use by college employees & students on approved college business (must be certified Central College drivers). These vehicles will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Responsibility of department and user:

  1. User authorization: It is the responsibility of the approving department and the user to ensure that the vehicle is used for approved college activity only.
  2. All drivers must be certified Central College drivers before driving on business for Central College (this includes driving college owned vehicles and rental vehicles). To become a certified Central College driver, you must register every year beginning July 1 at the Facilities Management office.


If you register between July 1 and September 30:

  1. Drivers must present their license to the Facilities Management Office.
  2. Complete a short form.
  3. Sign off, giving permission to have Central and/or Central’s insurance carrier review or obtain information on your motor vehicle record.
  4. Individuals holding a license outside of Iowa must provide a MVR to the Facilities Management office.

If you register between October 1 and June 30:

  1. Drivers must present their license to the Facilities Management Office.
  2. Present a certified copy of your driving record as obtained by the Iowa Department of Transportation or from the DOT of the state you are licensed in. To obtain a certified copy of your Iowa driving record, go to https://mymvd.iowadot.gov/Account/Login (cost for a certified copy is $7.00).
  3. Complete a short form.
  4. Sign off, giving permission to have Central and/or Central’s insurance carrier review or obtain information on your motor vehicle record

Minimum Requirements

Central College and/or their insurance carrier reserve the right to decline authorization for any driver based on an individual’s traffic violation history or motor vehicle accident history. Every employee or student who drives for Central College must meet minimum requirements:

  • Hold a valid US license
  • Drivers must be 18 years old and an employee or current student of Central College. Note: Volunteers, international students and language assistants are not permitted to drive Central owned vehicles per the College’s insurance provider
  • Agree to a Motor Vehicle Record check for Iowa licensed drivers
  • Provide a copy of driver’s license
  • Read and agree to the College’s fleet transportation policy
  • Violations incurred in the last 3 years: No at-fault accidents, any combination of 3 or more moving violations, driving with suspension, revocation or administrative restriction, leaving the scene of an accident as defined by state laws, or reckless driving
  • No type A violations in past 5 years (see below)

Type A violations include:

  • License suspension or revocation within the last 5 years
  • OMVI within the last 5 years
  • Aggravated assault w/ vehicle
  • Operating without a license
  • Hit and run
  • Leaving the scene
  • School bus stop sign violation
  • Surrendered license

Driver disqualification

It is the responsibility of each approved driver to notify the risk manager of any infractions that occurred during the year. Approved drivers subsequently found, during the annual MVR process, not meeting the above requirements will be notified and removed from the approved drivers list. Drivers removed from the list will not be permitted to drive a college owned, leased, rented, or personal vehicle on College business. Individuals whose position is dependent upon approved driver status may be given a 30-day probation period before termination of employment or may be transferred to another available position not requiring the operation of a motor vehicle.

Disqualified drivers may also elect to file a formal appeal to the Human Resource Office and Business Office.

Fleet and vehicle COVID-19 protocols

  • Whenever possible, passenger capacity is limited to less than 50%.
  • Face masks or face coverings are required for the driver and passengers if a six-foot physical distance is not possible.
  • Disinfectant is supplied for fleet vehicles. Upon return of the vehicles, drivers are asked to clean high-touch areas such as handles, steering wheels, seat belt buckle, keys and gas card.
  • The vehicle pouch should be returned to the large gray drop box, located by the facilities management entrance.

Use of vehicle

College owned vehicles are authorized only for travel directly associated with:

  1. Instructional programs of the college including field trips
  2. Grant program administration
  3. All approved non-academic activities
  4. Official college business and professional meetings

College owned vehicles are not authorized for travel associated with:

  1. Commuting to and from work
  2. Running personal errands
  3. Commuting to and from personal appointments
  4. Any travel not directly associated with, or previously approved, college business.


Vehicle Reservation Guidelines

A vehicle request form, complete with a budget number and department head approval, is required with vehicle reservations. This form may be accessed at https://my.central.edu on the left side of the Faculty/Staff Services tab. By clicking on this link, you will be able to submit a vehicle request, view your request history, and view the cost of trips once completed (trip expense will be shown after being posted by the Controller’s office). We advise that if you have an immediate need for a vehicle (less than 5 days to date needed), to call FM to insure vehicle availability in addition to filling out the form. If you have any questions or concerns, please call x-7676 or go https://departments.central.edu/facilities/fleet-vehicles / to view the Central College Fleet Transportation Policy.

The vehicle requisition must include the following:

  1. Proper approval signature (budget authority)
  2. Budget number to be charged
  3. Trip date(s) and departure and return times
  4. Destination
  5. Number of passengers
  6. Driver names

If you are taking students on a trip that will require an overnight stay, except for Athletic competitions, a Student Travel Itinerary form must be completed and submitted to the Student Development Office 48 hours prior to departure. This form may be found at: https://my.central.edu/Student-Services/Student-Life/Pages/default.aspx

Student requests for vehicles should be coordinated through faculty, staff, or Student Development. Students taking overnight trips or traveling out of state must have a staff/faculty member in attendance unless a member of the SLT approves the trip and confirms this with the Facilities Management office.

Users are not to keep college owned fleet vehicles at their personal residence overnight. We do make exceptions for extenuating circumstances but advise against it. It must be pre-approved with the Facilities Management office.

  1. A packet containing instructions, vehicle keys, trip ticket and credit cards is issued at Facilities Management and may be picked up prior to departure. Keys may be picked up in the Facilities Management office vestibule. During the academic year keys may be picked up from 8:00am-5:00pm; during the summer months they may be picked up from 8:00am-4:30pm. NOTE: Failure to cancel reservations 24 hours prior to use or to pick up the keys will result in a $20 fee charged to the budget on the requisition.
  2. Please do not pick up the vehicle any earlier than your scheduled time on the vehicle request form (violators will be charged a $20 fee). If needed, contact the Facilities Management office for approval for an earlier pick-up time.
  3. Please read the odometer on the vehicle before you start and record the mileage on the vehicle request form. (If the trip miles are not filled in completely a $5 fee will be charged to your budget)
  4. Vehicles must be returned to the fleet parking lot by the scheduled return time on the vehicle request form (failure to do this will result in a $20 fee charged to user’s budget). Delays will disrupt the schedule of subsequent reservations.
  5. Vehicle must be returned with a full (no less than ¾) tank of gas. This vehicle may have a locking fuel cap. (Remove the fuel cap, then insert the key and turn the key to engage and remove fuel cap. Then to replace the fuel cap, remove the key and turn fuel cap to the right until ratcheting is heard. The fuel cap is now locked.) Use the wex FLEET card in the pouch to purchase gasoline. If you are asked for an additional ID #, look at the back of card for the PIN #. Please place gas tickets in the pouch.
  6. When returning the vehicle to the fleet lot, please park in the designated parking space for the vehicle you are driving.
  7. Record the ending mileage on the vehicle request form in the pouch.
  8. Double check that everything you brought with you is taken out of the vehicle, not only personal items but also trash (if it is necessary for us to remove trash and clean the vehicle due to circumstances beyond normal use, a $15 fee will be charged to your budget). If a spill does occur, please notify the FM office.
  9. Make sure that dome lights and headlights are turned off.
  10. Lock the vehicle.
  11. The pouch, keys, credit card receipts, and the vehicle request form need to be returned to the Facilities Management Office. If the office is closed, please use the large gray drop box by the FM office entrance on the southwest side of Hoffman.

 Vehicle Operation

  1.  Before leaving the Fleet lot, particularly in a vehicle you normally do not drive, ensure the following components are in good working order:
    * Brakes
    * Steering mechanism
    * Lights
    * Tires
    * Windshield wipers/washers
    * Rear-vision mirrors
    * Horn
    * Report any defects immediately to FM at x7676 or after hours to 641-628-5787, to  determine if the  vehicle is safe for operation.
  2. User is responsible for checking general condition of vehicle before leaving the fleet parking lot. All damages incurred during use must be reported to the Facilities Management office upon return.
  3. It is the user’s responsibility to de-ice and remove snow from their reserved vehicle during the winter months. Please plan accordingly. Ice scrapers are provided in all passenger fleet vehicles during winter months.
  4. All drivers’ must abide by all state & federal traffic laws. The assigned driver will be held responsible for resolving all traffic citation, parking citations, and reporting any accidents while the vehicle is under the jurisdiction of the assigned driver. The driver assumes responsibility for any fines resulting from parking and traffic violations.
  5. The number of passengers may not exceed the number of seatbelts. All occupants are required to wear seat belts.
  6. Use turn signals.
  7. Exercise extra caution when backing up vehicle.
  8. Use headlights ½ hour before sunset and after sunrise and during periods of reduced visibility.
  9. Turn off ignition, remove key, and lock the vehicle when unattended.
  10. Towing charges incurred during use due to inclement weather or driver negligence are the responsibility of the approving department. Towing charges incurred due to equipment failure will be the responsibility of Facilities Management.
  11. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and controlled substances are prohibited in any fleet vehicle. DO NOT drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications that could affect your driving performance.
  12. DO NOT pick up unauthorized passengers. Having a non-Central person as a passenger is highly discouraged due to liability reasons.
  13. DO NOT tow or push another vehicle or trailer without authorization.
  14. The use of cell phones while driving a college vehicle or while driving a personally owned vehicle on college business is strictly prohibited. While the college encourages drivers to maintain/possess a cell phone as added safety, drivers are required to pull off the roadway in a safe location such as a rest stop, parking lot, or other area away from traffic before responding to a call.
  15. Any trip longer than 8 hours of traveling time (one way) requires two or more drivers per vehicle

 The rate schedule is as follows:

Automobile          charges per mile                       Vehicle Capacity__(capacities include driver)____  

Fleet car                         0.42                            4-5 people

Minivan                          0.42                               7 people

Minibus                         0.54                               15 people

Bus                                0.73                                52 people

Personal reimbursement  0.50

There will be a minimum trip charge of $10. Trips that incur mileage charges over $10 will be charged for the mileage only, any trips that incur mileage charges under $10 will pay the min. $10 trip charge only (additional fees may be charged as needed, example: late fee, lost ticket fee, etc.).

Airport and Bus/Train Station Trips

Facilities Management will continue to provide airport/bus/train delivery and pick-up for students, faculty, candidates, Board of Trustees, and others approved by authorized personnel. This service will be for the Des Moines Airport or Airport shuttle service. For these trips Facilities Management will provide a certified driver and will charge the proper budget account for the driver and vehicle charges. Please provide Facilities Management with trip information (i.e., airline, flight #, cell phone #’s).  Trip information is vital to the driver in the event of arrival or departure delays. Due to extended miles and driving time, our fleet vehicles will not serve trips to the Kansas City and Omaha airports. Please call Facilities Management (extension 7676) to see if a driver is available for the desired date.

Errand Vehicles

The errand vehicle is available for campus wide office and department use daily for short-term trips around town. Drivers must be certified Central College drivers. Please contact the info booth at x-9000 to schedule its use. These small trips will be charged to the user’s department budget. The errand vehicle is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Towing trailers

Only Central College owned trailers may be towed with select college owned vehicles. DO NOT tow a trailer without authorization. Please contact the Facilities Management office.