The Central College psychology program has been launching students into successful careers in psychology, medicine, law, the corporate world, private ownership, and other areas for over 50 years. Alumni who choose to go to graduate school have been admitted to a wide range of programs throughout the United States; just over 60% of our graduates have earned or are currently working on a Master’s degree (compared to 15% nationally), and 15% have earned or are working on doctoral degrees (compared to 1% nationally). Graduates from the last 10 years have been accepted into 59 different graduate programs at 37 universities in 16 states, the District of Columbia, England, and Wales. These alumni often report surprise at discovering that they are ahead of the majority of their first-year colleagues from other colleges and universities.

A major in psychology at Central College provides students with scientifically-grounded knowledge about human behavior, useful problem solving skills, the ability to communicate clearly, and strong human relations and emotional intelligence skills. With this background, our graduates are highly qualified and sought after for career positions that involve working with people and/or organizations.