Major requirements

Major Requirements for the Pyschology major at Central College

36 s.h.

Psychology Core for all majors

  • PSYC 122s General Psychology
  • PSYC 220Ps Psychology Investigations
  • PSYC 335m Fundamentals of Statistics
  • PSYC 348P Experimental Psychology
  • PSYC 480PI Capstone Research

Complete 20 s.h. of PSYC elective courses

Complete all requirements for the Communication Skills Endorsement

An initial evaluation of a student’s writing, reading, speaking, information literacy, computer skills, and critical thinking skills occurs in PSYC 220Ps and recommendations about ways to enhance skill development are made to the student. Subsequently, students who declare a major in psychology are evaluated by individual faculty and referred to the Center for Academic Excellence as needed for additional skill development. Each semester the psychology faculty discuss the status of each student’s skills and make recommendations as needed to the student for skills improvement. Final evaluation and certification normally occur during the senior year after the student has complete PSYC 480PI Capstone Research (3) and PSYC 336P SPSS for Psychological Research (1), which involve substantial writing, reading, information literacy, critical thinking, computer skills, and broth informal and formal speaking components (including a presentation at a departmental research symposium).