Business Management Courses

BMGT 261 Principles of Finance (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 241. Introduces financial management with emphasis on the basic tools employed in corporate financial decision-making. Concentrates on topics such as the financing and management of working capital, financial statement analysis, time value of money, valuation concepts and capital budgeting decisions.
Offered every semester.

BMGT 362 Principles of Investment (3)

Prerequisites: BMGT 261, and MATH 105 or MATH 215, and ECON 112 or ECON 113. Concentrates on capital markets, security analysis and portfolio management. Classical and contemporary theories concerning optimum portfolio construction and asset allocation will be emphasized.
Offered every fall.

BMGT 462 Derivative Markets (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 362. This is an advanced course in derivative markets. Familiarity with derivative securities as would be found in an undergraduate investments text is assumed. Topics will include futures and forward prices, swaps, binomial option pricing, the Black-Scholes-Merton model, Brownian motion and Itô’s Lemma. Much of the material covered will correspond to the Society of Actuaries Exam IFM (Investment and Financial Markets).
Offered every even spring.

(Recommended) BMGT 311 Principles of Management (3)

Prerequisite: Second-year standing. Explores the skills utilized in management, focusing on the six key functions: planning, organizing, leading, controlling, decision-making, and staffing. Concepts and methods used in managing people and organizations are examined.
Offered every semester.

(Recommended) BMGT 231 Business Law I (3)

Prerequisite: Second-year standing. Studies the legal process and the public and private law relating to business. Examines the underlying principles most closely connected with ordinary business transactions: introduction to the law, agency, contracts, sales and commercial paper.
Offered every semester.

(Recommended) BMGT 363 Advanced Financial Management (3)

Prerequisites: BMGT 261, and ECON 112 or ECON 113. Focuses on modern theory of corporate finance and its application to financial decisions. Topics such as leasing, the investment banking process, convertible securities and warrants, mergers and divestiture, leveraged buyouts and international financial management will be thoroughly examined.
Offered every spring.