Economics Courses

ECON 112 Principles of Microeconomics (3)

Introduces the major concepts and applications of microeconomic theory. Examines the economic decision making of individuals and firms and explores market mechanisms within the context of scarce resources. Explores economic rationales for government intervention in the market.
Offered every semester.

ECON 113 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

This course explores the function of the national economy. By discussing unemployment, inflation, economic growth and a variety of measures of economic output, students in the course will begin to understand how economic behavior affects nations in the aggregate. Special attention is placed to the function of both fiscal and monetary policy.
Offered every semester.

ECON 281 Research Methods in Economics (4)

Prerequisites: ECON 112, ECON 113, and MATH 215, or the consent of the instructor. An in-depth analysis of the role of the role of inferential statistics in economics. Emphasizes model construction and applications of probability to univariate and multivariate hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and simple multiple regression; among other topics.
Offered every fall.

(Recommended) ECON 312 Intermediate Microeconomics (4)

Prerequisites: ECON 112, ECON 113 and MATH 131. Studies the theoretical foundations of economics; examines the behavior of individuals, firms and markets. Includes indifference analysis, production theory, factor markets and general equilibrium theory.
Offered every spring.

(Recommended) ECON 313 Intermediate Macroeconomics (4)

Prerequisite: ECON 281 and MATH 131. Discusses aggregate measures of economic activity; presents and contrasts the theoretical approaches to the macroeconomy; examines policy issues related to inflation, unemployment and economic growth.
Offered every fall.

(Recommended) ECON 324 Monetary Theory and the Financial System (3)

Prerequisite: ECON 113. Examines the theoretical debate over the role of money in the economy and the ability of the central bank to affect the economic activity. Reviews the commercial banking system and other financial markets.
Offered every odd spring.

(Recommended) ECON 485 Economics Research Seminar (3)

Prerequisites: ECON 281, ECON 312, ECON 313 and senior standing. Requires students to conduct a research project grounded in economic theory and utilizing statistical methodologies. Typically the research project is a continuation and extension of a project begun in ECON 281 or another upper-level course. There is an emphasis on close collaboration between student and department faculty.
Offered every spring.